Flyover A Cappella Festival is ON!!

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Posted By: Bruce Stasch
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sun, Oct 15 2023
Over the summer we decided to create the largest Midwest a cappella festival that brings together a cappella performance groups for education, outreach, networking and performance. Click HERE to learn more.

It will be the largest event of its kind in recent memory with Mixed Company Singers as the host. Groups at different experience levels will all participate along three tracks: high school, college and adult/semi-professional. 


Create a pipeline for a cappella singer…from…high school….to…college….to…adulthood.

        - Position Mixed Company Singers within the cadre of a cappella excellence in the Midwest.

        - Cultivate a network of singers, groups and funders to grow into the future.

        - Birth an annual event the becomes the center of a cappella in "Flyover Country".
UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: Because of the recent writers/actors strike, we were given a unique opportunity to bring in Deke Sharon, a “superstar” known widely across the a cappella world as the producer of the Pitch Perfect movies and the SingOff. He’s also a super promoter, an arranger and experienced performer.

AUDIENCE: The attendees of this event will be educators, performance groups, performers and mainstream audience members. Many will be people that know the singing participants. Each will take away something different. We will create potentially 3 different tracks that can meet the needs of each group.

GOALS: This event should be a major shot in the arm for Mixed Company Singers. It allows us to dramatically increase our visibility with all of the audiences that we want to reach (singers, partners, educators, audiences, funders and the media). This can show the world that we are a topnotch singing group and a major player in the a cappella space in our region. By our ability to attract a luminary like Deke Sharon, as well as bring together the best a cappella groups and educators in the region, we firmly plant our flag as an a cappella leader in the Midwest.

STRUCTURE: Each participating group would have the opportunity to perform during the event (15-18 groups), have a booth, network with their peers, attend educational sessions, participate in coaching opportunities, take master’s classes. Teaching topics could include - show structure, choreography, collaborations, marketing, arranging, sound recording, microphone usage, promotion (topics are TBD)