Our Director

Scott Kvigne

Scott Kvigne is Mixed Company Singers' vibrant front-line director. His passion for excellence and execution of our singing style is creating a signature sound that is delightful, tight, and highly appreciated by our audience.

Scott has also been directing the City of Lakes Chorus for over a decade. Scott's gift for education and his passion for high standards have helped improve the artistry and musicianship of the chorus. Under his leadership, the chorus has achieved new levels of excellence and has made a steady rise in the Sweet Adelines International chorus rankings.

Scott also serves as the associate director, choreographer, visual coach and section leader for the acclaimed Great Northern Union Chorus. He has been a visual/choreography/performance coach since 1990, was the front-line director of a men's chorus from 1993-1998, and was the front-line director of a Sweet Adelines chorus from 1996-1998, both in La Crosse, WI.  

Scott can be reached at director@mixedcompanysingers.com