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Mixed Company Videos Really Get Attention

As part of our video project from the fall we mentioned that we shot video footage of 3-4 songs we've been working on. With the help of our videographer Eric Laska, we just posted our second video.

On 1/2/22 the second song, Sing Your Way Home, was uploaded to our Facebook page.
On 12/9/21 the first song White Christmas, was uploaded to our Facebook page. 

Wow! We continue to be imprressed with the response. In just 30 days we've  In just 3 days, we reached over 8,900 people, received almost 200 comments and visitors viewed almost 75 HOURS of footage.

To say that we were surprised is an understatement. Clearly we hit a chord with our audience.

The next one will be uploaded in 3-4 weeks. Look for it then.
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