About Us

Mixed Company is a mixed-voice a cappella choral group from the Twin Cities area made up of experienced men and women singers with the desire to perform at an elite level. We are committed to creating quality performances that challenge the singer and entertain audiences. Our goal is “Joy through musical excellence” – for both the singer and the listener.

Keeping the group small (20 - 24 singers) allows the ensemble to better execute every small nuance the music has to offer while providing our audience a unique and exciting musical experience

We sing a wide variety of music styles and genres that offer challenge and reward to singers while appealing to a wide spectrum of audiences. Our current repertoire includes selections from barbershop, jazz, gospel, and contemporary composers.


The chorus was formed in 2019 by a group of experienced a cappella singers who wanted to create a unique mixed-voice a cappella ensemble. While many of these singers had focused on barbershop music previously, they were looking for a place to sing precision a cappella without style or genre limitations. They rounded up some friends, and Mixed Company Singers came to be.

In the years since, we've had the pleasure of performing at several major venues and have participated in collaborations with both men's and women choruses across the upper Midwest. Our small size allows us to travel, so keep an eye out to see if we are visiting a city near you!

We are always looking for opportunities to perform and for passionate singers to join us on the risers. Please contact us for information on either of these.

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