Interested in singing with Mixed Company? We’re glad you’re here!

We're not currently in the audition process. Auditions take place in May & January.
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In the meantime…
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We are looking for singers who:

  • have had some experience as part of an a cappella chorus, quartet, or other small ensemble

  • have strong awareness of intonation and can maintain pitch independently

  • have the ability and desire to blend with an ensemble

  • sing with a free tone (without tension) throughout their range, and use limited vibrato

  • are committed to attending rehearsals and performances as much as possible (Click here for information about our seasons and to see what a typical performance schedule is like each year.)

Scroll down for a step-by-step outline of the audition process, and a list of skills we’re looking for in auditioned singers.

Taking the first step:

If you’re interested in singing with us, please complete this form and our audition coordinator will send you a link to the audition materials.

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